Chokers and Charms

My favorite jewelry pieces for this season are definitely chokers and charms. I love more than anything any kind of choker with a separate longer necklace layered with it. Alexandra Lucchesi in Alpha Phi at the University of Delaware, started her own speciality boho beach jewelry filled with awesome chokers and charms. Get with this current choker trend and purchase your own now! Look below for some of my personal favorites and follow @acljewels on Instagram for more.

chokers 1.jpg


chokers 2.jpg


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Top 5 Florence Foods of the Week

Check out my Top 5 Florence Foods for this week!

  1. Le Vespe Cafe – Yogurt & Fruit Bowl


2. La Milkeria – Chocolate Crepe


3. Golden View Open Bar – Seafood Platter


4. Dim Sum Restaurant – Ramon Noodles


5. Osteria delle Tre Panche – Truffle Ravioli


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Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia is now another favorite city of mine after my recent trip there. It is actually one of the most beautiful and luxurious places I have ever visited. I stayed right in the middle of the big marina and all of the outdoor restaurants. Everything was walking distance. The water was clear blue and everything else around me was the most magnificent color green. This is a country filled with pure nature, gorgeous water falls, calm rivers, and seafood to die for. If you go to Croatia anytime in the near future (which I truly recommend), take down some of my tips below!

croatia 4

croatia 3.jpg

croatia 1

What should you do in Split, Croatia?

  • Take a quick trip to the Omis River to go rafting 
  • Have lunch at Sushi & Oyster Bar Bota, Get the amazing fried spring rolls
  • Take a boat out to the Island of Brac and spend the day
  • Have dinner at Chops Grill for delicious steak, seafood, and don’t forget the truffle mashed potatoes and macaroni
  • Watch the sunset by the marina with a glass of wine

Badgley Mischka NYFW: Fall 2013 #TBT

badgley mischka 1 .jpg

On February 12, 2013, I had my first experience of working at New York Fashion Week. The show that I worked at was Badgley Mischka. The moment I arrived backstage, I was so intrigued by the flood of makeup artists, press, and models. It was like nothing I have ever seen or experienced before. Everyone was there for one purpose and one purpose only. They wanted to put on a fantastic show that the crowd would never forget. Everything had so much detail put into it from the designs all the way to the production of the show. All of this hard work is put into a 10 minute presentation, and then it’s quickly all over. Being there for me wasn’t just a casual “day in the life” like it was for some other people. It was something that I knew that I would always remember. I have worked at NYFW since then, but this one was extra special. I felt like I had so much responsibility and felt so apart of something. I got the opportunity to even meet the designers, Mark and James, and take a photo with them. They are so brilliant and also beyond friendly. I even got the chance to speak with celebrities like Chloe Bridges from The Carrie Diaries, Olympic gymnast, Aly Raisman, and Kelly Bensimon from The Real Housewives of New York City. Watching the actual show itself truly unimaginable. #TBT to my first experience ever at Mercendes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

badgley mischka 2.jpg







Drake’s Newest Hits

Drake just dropped two brand new songs that people are dying over, including myself. One song is called, “One Dance.” It features WizKid and Kyla. The other song is called, “Pop Stylefeaturing, The Throne. The reason I love “One Dance” so much is because it reminds me of the old Drake songs that I haven’t heard in a while. It is upbeat and fun and I can see it even becoming a radio hit very soon. “Pop Style” has a completely different vibe to it. This song is slower and more relaxed. Drake just did very well for himself because he knew right away what his fans were waiting for and we finally got it. I guess it’s time to stop playing “Work” on repeat, and start playing both of these recent hits. Drake and Rihanna lately are quite unstoppable if you ask me.

Check out this beautiful cover of “One Dance” by Conor Maynard below!


Venice, Italy

From watching countless movies as a child, I have always dreamed of going to Venice, Italy and experiencing all of the beauty that it has to offer. When I arrived there, it truly was exactly what I expected it to be like, but even more beautiful. I took a day trip there, which was perfect. If you go to Venice yourself, I would definitely recommend…

  • Eating at Trattoria Dona Onesta and having an incredible seafood lunch
  • Go to Harry’s Bar for the best Bellini you will ever taste
  • Watch the sunset over by the Grand Canal
  • Take a Gondola ride and get your perfect Instagram picture of course
  • Boat over to one of the Islands off of Venice
  • Admire Basilica San Marco Cathedral and its stunning architecture

venicegondala.jpgvenice boats.jpgvenicegirlies.jpgvenice sunset.jpg

Dublin, Ireland

If you are looking to have the most amazing St. Patrick’s Day of your life, I would recommend going to Dublin to make that dream of yours come true. If you are into people dressing up in all green and leprechaun hats, dancing around in the streets, and Guinness beer wherever you go, this is the right place for you. If you are planning on making a trip there for St. Patricks Day, 2017, take my advice below!




What should you do in Dublin?

  • Head over to the Guinness Storehouse Factory to try some beers with your friends, real Irish food, and learn how to Irish step dance
  • Get the best bagel of your life at It’s a Bagel
  • Take a day trip from Dublin over to the Cliffs of Moher and admire the fantastic views
  • Make your way up to the rooftop bar at Fitzsimons 
  • Walk around Temple Bar area to find great shops and restaurants


Hunt for Hope Event #TBT


Today, I am throwing it back to an event that I created called, Hunt for Hope. A few semesters ago, I was selected to be the lead ambassador at the University of Delaware for a company called, The Hunt. The Hunt was a fashion app that started in San Fransisco, California in 2013.  Our job was to promote this app at the University of Delaware by putting together events, starting social media accounts, creating contests, and taking trendy pictures of students on campus. Last spring, I worked with a team of ten girls to come up with an event that would benefit both our on campus program as well as a non-profit organization of our choice. That is when I decided that I wanted to reach out to Allyson Ahlstrom. Allyson is the creator of Threads for Teens, a non-profit organization that gives underprivileged teenage girls clothing that they can’t afford. This helps to empower these young women. I always saw Allyson Ahlstrom on numerous talk shows and thought that it would be an awesome idea if we paired up with her for our spring event. I also contacted LF Stores to see if they were willing to contribute as well. We planned on selling tickets to our fabulous fashion event so that the money of ticket sales would go right to Allyson’s organization. Hunt for Hope consisted of a red carpet, delicious food, an LF Stores  trunk show, and a live performer. Allyson also presented a speech and showed a video explaining her amazing organization. At the end of the event, LF Stores donated bags of their clothing to Threads for Teens. It was bittersweet when Hunt for Hope was finally over. I was beyond happy that it was such a success, but also couldn’t believe it was over after we put all of that hard work into it. Overall, I had a great time working on this event and being apart of something so great. #TBT to Hunt for Hope. It was an evening that will never be forgotten!