Hunt for Hope Event #TBT


Today, I am throwing it back to an event that I created called, Hunt for Hope. A few semesters ago, I was selected to be the lead ambassador at the University of Delaware for a company called, The Hunt. The Hunt was a fashion app that started in San Fransisco, California in 2013.  Our job was to promote this app at the University of Delaware by putting together events, starting social media accounts, creating contests, and taking trendy pictures of students on campus. Last spring, I worked with a team of ten girls to come up with an event that would benefit both our on campus program as well as a non-profit organization of our choice. That is when I decided that I wanted to reach out to Allyson Ahlstrom. Allyson is the creator of Threads for Teens, a non-profit organization that gives underprivileged teenage girls clothing that they can’t afford. This helps to empower these young women. I always saw Allyson Ahlstrom on numerous talk shows and thought that it would be an awesome idea if we paired up with her for our spring event. I also contacted LF Stores to see if they were willing to contribute as well. We planned on selling tickets to our fabulous fashion event so that the money of ticket sales would go right to Allyson’s organization. Hunt for Hope consisted of a red carpet, delicious food, an LF Stores  trunk show, and a live performer. Allyson also presented a speech and showed a video explaining her amazing organization. At the end of the event, LF Stores donated bags of their clothing to Threads for Teens. It was bittersweet when Hunt for Hope was finally over. I was beyond happy that it was such a success, but also couldn’t believe it was over after we put all of that hard work into it. Overall, I had a great time working on this event and being apart of something so great. #TBT to Hunt for Hope. It was an evening that will never be forgotten!







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