Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia is now another favorite city of mine after my recent trip there. It is actually one of the most beautiful and luxurious places I have ever visited. I stayed right in the middle of the big marina and all of the outdoor restaurants. Everything was walking distance. The water was clear blue and everything else around me was the most magnificent color green. This is a country filled with pure nature, gorgeous water falls, calm rivers, and seafood to die for. If you go to Croatia anytime in the near future (which I truly recommend), take down some of my tips below!

croatia 4

croatia 3.jpg

croatia 1

What should you do in Split, Croatia?

  • Take a quick trip to the Omis River to go rafting 
  • Have lunch at Sushi & Oyster Bar Bota, Get the amazing fried spring rolls
  • Take a boat out to the Island of Brac and spend the day
  • Have dinner at Chops Grill for delicious steak, seafood, and don’t forget the truffle mashed potatoes and macaroni
  • Watch the sunset by the marina with a glass of wine

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