Firenze Foodie Guide

After spending a full semester in Florence, I was able to write down all of my favorite restaurants and foods to pass down to anyone visiting in the future. Check it out!


  1. Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe – Best mozzarella and tomato appitezer, must get any of the special tortelloni, truffle ravioli, bread and balsamic are the best in Florence in my opinion, go with big group for huge servings and unlimited wine for 20 euros a person, everything at this place is delicious and not expensive, GO HERE
  2. Gusta Pizza – Amazing pizza, very popular place, my favorite is the open face calzone pizza with ricotta cheese
  3. Simbiosi – Liked this better than Gusta, really cheap amazing organic pizzas for lunch or dinner, truffle pizza with sausage was so good
  4. Acqua Al 2 – Best blueberry and balsamic steak, get pasta, salad, and dessert samplers and try with friends
  5. Yellow Bar – Make the pasta right there in front of you, would recommend the Paglia E Fieno and the Gnocchi Rose, all pizzas are great too
  6. Trattoria 13 Gobbi – Get their famous rigatoni
  7. All’Antico Vinaio – Famous huge paninis
  8. L’Antico Noe – Personally like better than Antico Vinaio, I make my own with spicy salami, brie sundried tomatoes, eggplant, and ricolla sauce
  9. La Managere – Pretty new restaurant/cafe, my favorite place to study and hang out, beautiful inside, For Breakfast: best pancakes I have ever had with fruit and honey, For Lunch: any of the sandwiches, chicken curry plate is delicious, For Dinner: Gnocchi dish
  10. Shake Cafe – Amazing vegan and fresh food, went here for lunch almost every day when I wanted a break of Italian, vegan wrap with chicken is my favorite, also love the avocado toast with eggs, smoothies are also a must
  11. La Beppa Fioraia – Hike to get too but worth any food there, tried a lot of things, BEST TIRAMISU you will ever have
  12. Osteria Santo Spirito – Get the sizzling gorgonzola gnocchi
  13. Trattoria ZaZa – one of my favorite places to get pasta, truffle gnocchi and carbonara were to die for
  14. The Oil Shoppe – Go for breakfast and either get the egg sandwich with zucchini and artichoke spread or fried egg sandwich with truffle, AMAZING Iced Coffee
  15. Signorvino – Bar right over the river, great place to go with friends and drink wine while eating appetizers, great views and also a wine shop
  16. Mercato Centrale – If you like veggie bugers go upstairs and find the veggie burger stand, get The Donatello, I ate this like twice a week and its the best veggie burger you will ever have
  17. The Truffle Experience – Extremely expensive, but really interesting experience if you love truffle, maybe do it one night out of your whole time in florence, every dish is 35 euros for black truffle on it and 45 for white truffle, only go if you’re die hard truffle fan and its a cool experience, we didn’t even drink because it was so expensive
  18. La Giostra – Pear ravioli with pecorino cheese, best burrata EVER, complimentary prosecco and appetizer plate, even better environment and service, loved everything about this place
  19. Mama’s Bakery – Can’t find bagels in many places, but here you can find all kinds of bagels and all kinds of cream cheese, delicious sweets too
  20. Le Vespe Cafe – Get the logan breakfest burrito, all smoothies are so good, iced coffee very similar to american iced coffee, if you are looking for an american brunch this is the best
  21. Gucci Caffe – Get the vanilla cappuccino that comes with the gucci logo sugar, the appetizer tastings plate was SO yummy
  22. The Diner – Classic american brunch and food, very good, same owners as aqua al due
  23. La Terrazza – By carousel, overlooks all of florence, get anything from pasta to mozzarella and tomato, better for views and drinks than for food
  24. Il Profeta – One of my favorite places hands down, special truffle pasta dish and special pasta secret dish are unreal, amazing service and atmosphere
  25. Kitsch Devx – Amazing buffet apertivo, order one drink and can get as much as you want for just 10 dollars, not a normal apertivo with huge selection, no sign outside
  26. I Due Fratellini – Great quick sandwiches for only 3 euro, I order the soft goat cheese sandwich with spicy salami and sundried tomatoes
  27. Cloud 59 – BEST chicken shwarma wraps made by Lebanese chef, they also have burgers and dunkin donuts iced coffee, can’t get Dunkin iced coffee anywhere else
  28. Osteria delle Tre Panche – Get the lemon chicken and truffle ravioli, MOST amazing warm cheesecake you will ever have, everything here was cooked to perfection, only 3 benches in the whole restaurant, must make reservation
  29. La Cucina Del Garga – Order the Lemon zest fettuccine in brandy cream sauce, chicken with avocado and truffle, loved the penne in homemade meat sauce, gives the best complimentary appetizer of polenta and burrata, such a traditional Italian restaurant, LOVED
  30. Westin Excelsior – Apertivo for only 18 euros, best views, such a nice atmosphere, really great Mediterranean food and fancy drinks
  31. Venchi – Get anything chocolate, crepes are very good
  32. Gelateria Dei Neri – Amazing gelato, dark chocolate 70 percent was my favorite
  33. Grom – Also great Gelato, pay attention: never get gelato if it has bright colors or it is raised high out of the tray, means it is all artificial but Grom surely is not
  34. Don Nino – Best pistachio gelato I’ve ever had
  35. Gelateria Edoardo – Organic gelato, banana is delicious
  36. Gelateria Vivaldi – My favorite gelato in florence right by the river, got coffee and pistachio together, you can taste how fresh it is