Seville & Lagos: Weekend Trip of a Lifetime

Sadly, I haven’t been writing since I went abroad, but not to worry because I’m here now and getting back on my blogging game! I’m currently missing abroad now more than ever, so nothing better than looking back on my greatest travels to miss it even more!

If I could recommend taking any two places in Europe and putting them together into one long weekend trip, it would have to be..Seville, Spain and Lagos, Portugal. I know this probably wasn’t what you were thinking, but you can get from one place to the other from a simple and easy bus ride to avoid flying. On top of that, you will also get two completely different types of vibes in both cities. You will find peace, quiet, and beauty in both of these locations that you will never be able to forget.  I’m going to let you in on how you can make this one of the best trips of your life using my tips below…

Seville, Spain:

Seville Red Garden

Seville Sunset

Seville Alcazar.jpg

  • Fly right into Seville from wherever your starting location is, way easier than flying into Lisbon, Portugal or Faro, Portugal
  • Start your trip by staying at a hostel, no need for a hotel here, the hostels are great
  • Go to Terraza New York for tropical drinks outside, great American music, and hookah
  • Go to Alcazar of Seville, truly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, oldest royle palace in Europe developed by Muslim kings, upper floors are still used by royal family, Game of Thrones was filmed here, take an awesome Instagram and everyone will be pretty jealous…
  • Get Tapas ANYWHERE! Cheap and amazing all over the city
  • Shop for gorgeous scarves and beach coverups in the little boutiques, nicest ones I’ve seen in Europe

Lagos, Portugal:

Lagos Hotel

Lagos Cliff.jpg

Lagos Beach.jpg

  • Take an Alsa bus right to Lagos from Seville bus station, so easy, 4 hours, just sleep the whole time and you will wake up in a whole new environment
  • This is the beach destination of your dreams so, RELAX!
  • Must stay at Belmar Spa and Beach Resort, and use one of their many pools, go to the beach, and they even have a spa (Not too expensive at all for how awesome this place was)
  • Go to one of the two restaurants on the beach located right there for great drinks (not the best food, but who cares)
  • Do what we did and walk all the way down the beach to the left, climb over the huge rocks if low tide and basically have your own private beach for the day that no one will be on, it was amazing
  • Hike up the cliff on your way back to explore once the tide gets high
  • For activities go kayaking, take a booze cruise out with friends, or do a grotto tour
  • Head over to the marina at night for a delicious restaurant called Quay Lagos, everything is great, especially the fish
  • TIP: either take a cab to Faro Airport and fly back to your original destination or like us, take the bus back to Seville and fly from there because Faro is basically in the middle of nowhere and has less and more expensive flights, you definitely don’t want to get screwed in Portugal..


Seville is a city filled with culture, beautiful people, and beautiful sights. Lagos is the dream vacation town of a lifetime. Put these two trips together into one and I promise you won’t regret it!