Love Me Now

John Legend recently released a song that I can’t seem to stop replaying. It’s catchy, has beautiful lyrics, and the music video is what makes it even better! It not only features his wife and daughter, Chrissy Teigen and Luna, but also other couples around the world. He presents four locations in his video, which are at the Orlando Pulse Nightclub memorial, a refugee camp in Iraq, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, and North Dakota’s Standing Rock Reservation. Legend wanted to show couples representing themselves in other parts of the worlds and symbolize unity and hope. He also shared stories of these couples on his very own Instagram account. Take a look below at this music video and I am pretty positive you will love it just as much as I do! #LoveMeNow



On November 25, 2016, The Weeknd came out with his third album called, Starboy. Artists like Lana Del Rey and Future are featured on this album. After seeing him perform on the American Music Awards recently, I realized how shockingly talented he is as an artist and what a wonderful voice he has. This album shows off his many talents and how he can collaborate with many different types of artists. Listen to my favorite song from the album below to get a little taste of it. You can also watch his awesome performance from the American Music Awards!


Drake’s Newest Hits

Drake just dropped two brand new songs that people are dying over, including myself. One song is called, “One Dance.” It features WizKid and Kyla. The other song is called, “Pop Stylefeaturing, The Throne. The reason I love “One Dance” so much is because it reminds me of the old Drake songs that I haven’t heard in a while. It is upbeat and fun and I can see it even becoming a radio hit very soon. “Pop Style” has a completely different vibe to it. This song is slower and more relaxed. Drake just did very well for himself because he knew right away what his fans were waiting for and we finally got it. I guess it’s time to stop playing “Work” on repeat, and start playing both of these recent hits. Drake and Rihanna lately are quite unstoppable if you ask me.

Check out this beautiful cover of “One Dance” by Conor Maynard below!


Work Work Work…

Work by Rihanna ft. Drake is easily my favorite song right now. It has been playing on repeat from my computer for about a week straight. What makes the song itself even better is the music video. If you haven’t seen it, get on that immediately! Rihanna took this one to another level by making two music videos and putting them into one. The first half takes place in a club with everyone dancing and the second half is way more intimate. I think it’s time to see for yourself…

Also, if you are looking for an even better version to play on repeat, listen to the Lost Kings Remix. It is AMAZING!

My Favorite Albums of 2016

What albums am I listening to these days? What is so great about them? These are my favorite albums currently and why you should listen to them yourself..

Rihanna’s album came out January 28, 2016. If you are Rihanna fan like me, you have been waiting for another Rihanna album to come out for a long time now. This album is just what I was missing. It is filled with Rihanna’s sass, sexuality, and romances. Download it! Bryson Tiller is a newer male artist. I would say he is a mix between Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Usher. Now who wouldn’t want to listen to that? His album is exactly what the title says. It is trap and soul put into one and it is unbelievable. Chris Brown’s newest album, Royalty, debuted at number three on the U.S. Billboard 200. This album is solely R&B and I love R&B more than words. If you like Chris Brown’s older albums, you will like this one too. Adele’s album, reminded us all of what a beautiful voice she always had. Her newest songs about life and love were what all of us Adele lovers needed. Lastly, Justin Bieber’s newest album was one of the best albums I have heard in a while. I guess I am a little biased because I have always been a Justin Bieber fan, but I think everyone would agree that this album was a hit. Even boys sing along to the lyrics. Although Purpose came out in November, the songs on the album aren’t even close to dying out yet. Shoutout to my favorite artist, Justin Bieber, who is turning twenty two years old today. Wish we could celebrate together!

Justin Bieber 1                     Justin Bieber 2