Cinque Terre

If you want to take the best day trip of your life in Italy, Cinque Terre is the place for you! Manarola, Riomaggiore, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, and Corniglia are the five villages that are considered Cinque Terre. I was only able to make it to three of the five villages when I took my own adventure there, but it was well worth it. The views you will see in Cinque Terre are unlike any other views I have ever seen.

cinque terre italy.jpg

What should you do in the Cinque Terre?

  • Take an awesome Instagram picture in front of the stacked houses and gorgeous clear waters of Manarola 
  • Get pesto focaccia and fresh seafood at ANY of the restaurants in Vernazza
  • MUST do the awesome hiking trail between Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare (It is pretty painful, but very necessary!)
  • Take an afternoon trip to Portofino and shop at all of the fancy shops

Amalfi Coast

I would say one of the most stunning places I have ever traveled to would be the Amalfi Coast. It’s paradise that you only dream about until you finally get to go there. If you want to experience great seafood, the sweetest lemons, winding streets, and colorful houses sitting over rocks, get your butt over there!


What should you do in the Amalfi Coast?

  • Rent a private boat with your friends in Positano for the day
  • Eat dinner at Taverna Azzurra in the Sorrento marina
  • Take a private island tour in Capri and you MUST check out the Blue Grotto
  • Shop at the famous custom sandals shop, Canfora, in Capri
  • Ride the chairlift up to the top of Mt. Solaro
  • Take a guided tour through Pompeii


Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a region in central Italy. I was able to visit multiple towns in Tuscany and got to experience their culture, churches, art, and of course the incredible wine. I traveled to Cortona, Siena, Greve, and Panzano.






What should you do in Tuscany, Italy?

  • Stroll through the Etruscan village of Cortona
  • Swim in the beautiful Hot Springs of Rapolano
  • Hike through the vineyards of Greve
  • Visit the Sassolini Family Villa and wine aging cellars in Panzano 
  • Admire Siena Cathedral’s marble floors
  • Grab lunch at Osteria il Carroccio in Siena (must get the Ricotta Risotto, Carbonara, and Pear and Chocolate dessert!)
  • Soak up the sun and relax in Siena’s Piazza del Campo medieval square

Seville & Lagos: Weekend Trip of a Lifetime

Sadly, I haven’t been writing since I went abroad, but not to worry because I’m here now and getting back on my blogging game! I’m currently missing abroad now more than ever, so nothing better than looking back on my greatest travels to miss it even more!

If I could recommend taking any two places in Europe and putting them together into one long weekend trip, it would have to be..Seville, Spain and Lagos, Portugal. I know this probably wasn’t what you were thinking, but you can get from one place to the other from a simple and easy bus ride to avoid flying. On top of that, you will also get two completely different types of vibes in both cities. You will find peace, quiet, and beauty in both of these locations that you will never be able to forget.  I’m going to let you in on how you can make this one of the best trips of your life using my tips below…

Seville, Spain:

Seville Red Garden

Seville Sunset

Seville Alcazar.jpg

  • Fly right into Seville from wherever your starting location is, way easier than flying into Lisbon, Portugal or Faro, Portugal
  • Start your trip by staying at a hostel, no need for a hotel here, the hostels are great
  • Go to Terraza New York for tropical drinks outside, great American music, and hookah
  • Go to Alcazar of Seville, truly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, oldest royle palace in Europe developed by Muslim kings, upper floors are still used by royal family, Game of Thrones was filmed here, take an awesome Instagram and everyone will be pretty jealous…
  • Get Tapas ANYWHERE! Cheap and amazing all over the city
  • Shop for gorgeous scarves and beach coverups in the little boutiques, nicest ones I’ve seen in Europe

Lagos, Portugal:

Lagos Hotel

Lagos Cliff.jpg

Lagos Beach.jpg

  • Take an Alsa bus right to Lagos from Seville bus station, so easy, 4 hours, just sleep the whole time and you will wake up in a whole new environment
  • This is the beach destination of your dreams so, RELAX!
  • Must stay at Belmar Spa and Beach Resort, and use one of their many pools, go to the beach, and they even have a spa (Not too expensive at all for how awesome this place was)
  • Go to one of the two restaurants on the beach located right there for great drinks (not the best food, but who cares)
  • Do what we did and walk all the way down the beach to the left, climb over the huge rocks if low tide and basically have your own private beach for the day that no one will be on, it was amazing
  • Hike up the cliff on your way back to explore once the tide gets high
  • For activities go kayaking, take a booze cruise out with friends, or do a grotto tour
  • Head over to the marina at night for a delicious restaurant called Quay Lagos, everything is great, especially the fish
  • TIP: either take a cab to Faro Airport and fly back to your original destination or like us, take the bus back to Seville and fly from there because Faro is basically in the middle of nowhere and has less and more expensive flights, you definitely don’t want to get screwed in Portugal..


Seville is a city filled with culture, beautiful people, and beautiful sights. Lagos is the dream vacation town of a lifetime. Put these two trips together into one and I promise you won’t regret it!

Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia is now another favorite city of mine after my recent trip there. It is actually one of the most beautiful and luxurious places I have ever visited. I stayed right in the middle of the big marina and all of the outdoor restaurants. Everything was walking distance. The water was clear blue and everything else around me was the most magnificent color green. This is a country filled with pure nature, gorgeous water falls, calm rivers, and seafood to die for. If you go to Croatia anytime in the near future (which I truly recommend), take down some of my tips below!

croatia 4

croatia 3.jpg

croatia 1

What should you do in Split, Croatia?

  • Take a quick trip to the Omis River to go rafting 
  • Have lunch at Sushi & Oyster Bar Bota, Get the amazing fried spring rolls
  • Take a boat out to the Island of Brac and spend the day
  • Have dinner at Chops Grill for delicious steak, seafood, and don’t forget the truffle mashed potatoes and macaroni
  • Watch the sunset by the marina with a glass of wine

Venice, Italy

From watching countless movies as a child, I have always dreamed of going to Venice, Italy and experiencing all of the beauty that it has to offer. When I arrived there, it truly was exactly what I expected it to be like, but even more beautiful. I took a day trip there, which was perfect. If you go to Venice yourself, I would definitely recommend…

  • Eating at Trattoria Dona Onesta and having an incredible seafood lunch
  • Go to Harry’s Bar for the best Bellini you will ever taste
  • Watch the sunset over by the Grand Canal
  • Take a Gondola ride and get your perfect Instagram picture of course
  • Boat over to one of the Islands off of Venice
  • Admire Basilica San Marco Cathedral and its stunning architecture

venicegondala.jpgvenice boats.jpgvenicegirlies.jpgvenice sunset.jpg

Dublin, Ireland

If you are looking to have the most amazing St. Patrick’s Day of your life, I would recommend going to Dublin to make that dream of yours come true. If you are into people dressing up in all green and leprechaun hats, dancing around in the streets, and Guinness beer wherever you go, this is the right place for you. If you are planning on making a trip there for St. Patricks Day, 2017, take my advice below!




What should you do in Dublin?

  • Head over to the Guinness Storehouse Factory to try some beers with your friends, real Irish food, and learn how to Irish step dance
  • Get the best bagel of your life at It’s a Bagel
  • Take a day trip from Dublin over to the Cliffs of Moher and admire the fantastic views
  • Make your way up to the rooftop bar at Fitzsimons 
  • Walk around Temple Bar area to find great shops and restaurants


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona surprised me in many ways. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the stunning beaches, insane nightlife, and the modern style that it has to offer. I was shocked by the unique architecture of buildings that sat right in the middle of the city. Even though Barcelona is a European city, it was also very similar to Los Angeles, California. With the trendy restaurants over looking the beach, palm trees, and awesome clubs, it was the perfect mix of everything I could ever ask for. This was all even more exciting because of the fact that Barcelona is where I celebrated my 21st birthday! Check out my tips below to have just as great of a time in Barcelona as I did.

barcelona W hotel.jpg

barcelona architecture.jpg

barcelona beach


  • Admire the Sagrada Familia Church and the magnificent architecture  
  • Take pictures with friends at Park Guell
  • Take a walk down La Rambla to find some great stores and restaurants
  • Spend your Monday night partying at Opium Barcelona
  • Get a quick drink and massage at CDLC Barcelona on the beach


  • Brunch & Cake – Best brunch, just order one of everything basically
  • The Benedict – Must order their special eggs benedict with mozzarella, tomato, and pesto
  • Flax&Kale – Healthier brunch, delicious salmon, get the goat cheese and watermelon appetizer
  • Cachitos Rambla – Trendier and more expensive tapas restaurant, amazing patatas bravas
  • Sensi Bistro – Real Spanish tapas, let the chef choose them for you
  • Ikebana Paralelo – Great sushi and desserts
  • Bo de B – Chicken with everything sandwich is to die for


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a medieval city that takes you all the way back in time. This city consists of cobblestoned streets, majestic castles, and the most unique churches. It is like a dream that you can’t wake up from and also don’t ever want to wake up from. Prague will forever hold a special place in my heart. There is so much to do in just one weekend, but I managed. If you are only in Prague for 3 days, read below for my favorite activities and restaurants!

prague view.jpg


  • Climb the Clock Tower
  • Stroll around Old Town Square
  • Go to the John Lennon Wall with friends and take awesome pictures
  • Make your way up to the Castle and take in the wonderful views of the whole city
  • Take a Segway tour

prague food


  • Bakeshop– Great eggs, bagels, croissants, pastries, salmon spread is a MUST
  • Cafe Savoy– Makes everything right there, SO FRESH, amazing coffee and hot chocolate, fresh orange juice, get the poached egg with ham on brioche toast, UNREAL
  • Trdelník Street Snacks (Pictured Above) – Get these amazing snacks anywhere on the street, they are unbelievable

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest was such a cool place to visit. It was unlike a lot of other cities I have seen. There were two sides of the city. One called Buda and one called Pest. Both sides have two totally different personalities, which is what makes the city so interesting. Pest has more of the bars, shops, and tourists. Buda has the castle and more history. I truly loved Budapest so much and have some tips for where to go, what to eat, and what to see, if you ever visit too.

budapest 1.png

budapest baths 2

What should you do in Budapest?

  • Go to Hummusbar Budapest and get some delicious falafel and fresh pita
  • See the Holocaust memorial shoes on the Pest side of the river at sunset
  • Get a beer at the Szimpla ruins bar and check out the awesome environment
  • Relax in the Széchenyi Thermal Baths
  • Take a dinner cruise on the river and take pictures with the glowing Parliament buildings